Welcome to the first official arthurmorgana rec post!

We love reading/watching/enjoying ArMor creations as much as any fan, so we decided to share the best of our findings with you! Be it classics that we’ve only just discovered, or the newest additions to the fandom.

We will be regularly posting our recommendations for Arthur/Morgana fanfiction and videos, so be on the lookout!

Up this week:

arthur & morgana “arthurian legends” by xtaintedgracex (an amazing video combining clips from “merlin” with quotes from multiple arthurian works, creating a hauntingly beautiful compilation of the arthur/morgana relationship)
Arthur/Morgana | after afterall (reincarnation) by minaaproductions (a new video showing arthur finding morgana again in modern times, proving that their love can survive the ages)

Castles and Dragons by Fiaba (a one-shot that is definitely worth a quick read. it’s lighthearted and cute, with Arthur and Morgana going from silly children to the bickering adults we know and love)
Where You End and I Begin by YearoftheHarlow (a new fanfiction that is set pre-series, showing how Arthur and Morgana got to where they were in the beginning. it is incomplete, but you should be on the watch for updates, it’s quite intriguing!)

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