Up this week:

haunting you; { arthur | morgana } (an older vid that I just discovered, but it’s gorgeous with a classic song)
Arthur&Morgana | Can We Ever Go Back (one of the best songs to describe the ArMor relationship combined with gorgeous editing, makes for a flawless video)
Arthur & Morgana►As I Drown In My Regrets (a beautiful video showing arthur and morgana’s mistakes through the years that broke them apart)

The Best Feast You’ll Ever Have by Aliasgent (Arthur builds a dragon using sticks, rope and stolen herbs and Morgana is his best friend.  Featuring Arthur and Morgana as little kids in love.)
La Mort d’Arthur by Pizzpazz (Arthur and Morgana have been engaged to be married since they were born, and after two years’ absence Gorlois’ return to Camelot is celebrated by all but one. But when Morgana has a startling vision that threatens to shatter both their destinies, can Arthur persuade her otherwise and discover the truth before it is too late?)
Five Things: An Arthur and Morgana Story by Kamakaze Kheri (Four things Arthur told Uther he wanted, and one thing he didn’t.)

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